• Labels for Jars and Wine Label examples – Testimonials from happy customers

      Since the launch of our MagicMil Chalkboard Labels, we have been quite fortunate to receive such a positive response online. With people going that extra mile to express themselves, we thought it necessary to return the gratitude and created a “thank you” video to show our appreciation. The video can be found here: Labels […]
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  • Chalkboard Label Tips to Easily Organize Your Kitchen

    The following post was kindly submitted by Kim Stewart after sending us an email about her experience with our Chalkboard Labels. Enter Kim: So I wanted a different alternative to organize my kitchen and I was shopping online for storage options to organize my kid’s room and the pantry. I came across these beautiful Glass […]
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  • Neat Tricks: Stylish Organization Trends for Any Space

    Clutter is always out of style. However, organizing and keeping the home, garden, or office clutter-free may be overwhelming if you don’t regard yourself as an organizer. For some people, it can even be a boring, tedious job. However, there are many tips, hacks, and products that you can use to make organizing fun as […]
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  • Organizing Child’s Room: Ways To Get The Impossible Done

    Remember the superhero movies where the heroes save the day from the vicious villains after an epic battle? In most cases, the cities or places saved by the heroes are left in wrecks after that great defeat. Wondering why we are talking about the fictional wrecks made by superheroes here? Well, it is simply because […]
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  • Home is Where I Work From: Organizing The Perfect Home Office

    Working from home might seem the most convenient option for the people who have to get up early in the morning for their day jobs. Well, it is convenient, in countless ways, but there are “buts” too! Home offices tend to be really cluttered every now and then. Imagine, you are on the phone and […]
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  • 3 Essential And Trendy Gadgets For Any Nursery

    Having a baby and raising him/her is certainly a full-time job. Sometimes, it may be even more than that. You might be thinking of taking the challenge all by yourself, but there are a lot of things that you should consider getting for your baby. The essential items for your baby’s nursery not only allow […]
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